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"I was minutes away from buying a Toyota that had recently been in an accident and received $6,500 in repairs. Thanks for helping me avoid that potential headache!" --Mike S. Atlanta, Georgia

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eBay Motors offering free Autocheck vehicle history reports

In a move to attract more customers and increase the protection of car buyers from buying lemon and salvaged cars, eBay Motors started offering its clients free vehicle history reports from Experian late last year. This is a big move from eBay Motors, the largest buying and selling site for used automobiles online.

Customers have long been complaining about the risks involved in buying cars on Ebay explaining that some cars usually have suffered many repairs and modifications but owners don’t state them during transactions thereby making car buyers become exposed to potential lemon.

eBay has made the recent move to protect its business and make sure that buyers are protected in any way and sellers operate in a concrete business platform allowing them to earn and observe rules that protects the interest of the buyers as well. Because of this free Autocheck vehicle history report are provided for every cars sold in the site. Autocheck by Experian provides information about the car’s total condition starting from previous ownership, major accidents history, odometer tampering, history of being stolen or repossessed, or any history that will show that the car was as a public utility vehicle or as a fleet.

The above information is vital to the protection of both parties as they provide clues to the future health of the car and help the buyer make an informed decision on whether or not to buy it. The free report is a new step to making eBay an attractive place for people who wants to buy used by quality cars. US vehicles eBay Motors senior director, Nicolas Franchet said that their team is interested in making eBay Motors the best place to buy and sell used cars on the Internet as these type of vehicles represent the majority of cars sold online.