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  Where can I find the VIN?

"I was minutes away from buying a Toyota that had recently been in an accident and received $6,500 in repairs. Thanks for helping me avoid that potential headache!" --Mike S. Atlanta, Georgia

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Get Peace of Mind, Run a VIN Check

For most people, owning a car, even the used ones, can be a big deal. Well, it should be because owning a car is an investment. And since a car is a necessity to make daily living easier, you have to make sure that it has no problem as far as its physical condition is concerned.

Before, kicking tires, engine inspection, and taking a test drive were the initial tests before purchase when inspecting a used-car. And for women, they should have to have a male companion to check on the car. But times have changed, we now live in a world where technology reigns and consumer resources to check the car’s background like the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check up, are now available for everyone.

VIN consists of 17-digit numbers located on the car itself. It can be found in the front driver’s side dash or on the front driver’s side door post. It serves as a fingerprint for cars. VIN was required by law to help the police track stolen vehicles, log major vehicle service, repairs and maintenance, record of previous ownership, etc.

Regardless who offered you the used car, may it be your best friend, brother, or boss, it is a must that you go on a VIN check up. Doing so will give you peace of mind and of course your money’s worth. A VIN check up provides report on the background of the previous owner, mechanical stability and collisions or accident that the car has sustained previously. Other company providing VIN check reports can even give information if the car was damaged from major floods or fire. Some companies via the National Insurance Crime Bureau can also provide you with data if the car was stolen or was used in any crime related incident.

But be alert, some companies offering free VIN check up tampers their result and provide false information or pretense in selling used cars. Since you are paying a certain amount to acquire the report, make sure that you are dealing with a credible company providing VIN check up reports. There are a lot of available information online to check on company’s profile. Check out Autocheck, use your resources to protect yourself and get a piece of mind. Go for VIN check up.