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  Where can I find the VIN?

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How to Check Used Car History Records using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Buying an old car is fine if buying a new one is out of the question especially when budget issue is brought up. Most used cars are fine as far as the person you’re buying the car from has maintained the car so well that only minor repair and maintenance are just needed for the car. But what is left for you when the person you’re dealing with is a total stranger and you do not know much about the quality of the car you’re buying?

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) provides a perfect resource for you to know the complete history of a car. Complete may not mean “all’ but at least VIN gives your decision a touch of “guarantee” that the car you’re going to buy is in good working conditioning. We know that requesting a vehicle history report carry with it some additional monetary spending, but what is that small amount compared to the wealth of information you will gain from knowing the some important information about the car’s overall health.

If you request vehicle history report, you will receive the following vital information:

  • Service and damage repair history
  • Car’s condition after an accident
  • Odometer and odometer rollback
  • Lemon histories
  • Vehicle use which includes rental or lease
  • Junked Titles
  • Result of state emissions inspection

This information provides a vital clue if the car is and will be in good-running condition when you start using it. Remember that while odometer readings is useful you also need to consider other factors such as the frequency of repair, damage caused by accidents, etc. Autocheck leads the web-based industry that provides vehicle history report readings to people who are looking to buy used cars. Simply invest on the information you will gain from Autocheck and have your preferred mechanic check the car for you for further verification.