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"I was minutes away from buying a Toyota that had recently been in an accident and received $6,500 in repairs. Thanks for helping me avoid that potential headache!" --Mike S. Atlanta, Georgia

"Thanks to your report, I discovered that my car's odometer wasn't the original one! I got the dealer to return $3,000 to me without much of an argument." --Len B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Why Buy a Vehicle History Report?

Besides your home, the purchase of a vehicle is probably the most expensive item you’ll ever buy. When buying used, it can be very difficult to determine whether the vehicle you’re about to purchase is exactly what you’re getting. Some questions you might ask yourself include:

* Has the car ever been in an accident?
* How many people have owned this car?
* Has the car been damaged by floods, fires, hail or other natural disaster?
* Is the mileage on the odometer trustworthy?
* Has the car ever been recalled?
* Was the car used as a service vehicle (police car, taxi, etc.)?
* Has the car ever had a branded title (e.g., junked, salvaged or rebuilt)?
* Was the car ever repossessed or stolen?
* Has the car ever been sold at auction?
* Is there a lien on the vehicle?

How can you get an answer to any of these questions? No matter what, you should always have the used vehicle you’re interested in purchasing examined by a certified mechanic to make sure any possible issues are diagnosed and resolved before you spend your money. The other thing to do is to run an AutoCheck vehicle history report on the vehicle’s identification number (VIN).

For many used-car buyers, one of the most important questions is, “Has this car been in an accident?” Exclusive accident data from Experian now helps you answer that question with greater confidence. The accident data Experian has made available to its customers not only provides you a wealth of information, it provides you with accident data that Carfax® does not have. That means if your Carfax® report comes back clean, it still may have been in an accident that is not in their records.

The information we supply to over 7,000 dealerships is the same information found in the AutoCheck vehicle history report. You can know what the experts know when you purchase a report from AutoCheck. We also understand that accident information is important to you when considering a used-vehicle purchase. With that in mind, AutoCheck reports 2X the number of reported accidents* than Carfax®. Finally, your report also includes the AutoCheck Score, which allows you to tell how a vehicle measures up against others of the same make and model at a glance. You can always explore the wealth of information that AutoCheck provides, but to save time and compare quickly, you can’t do better than the AutoCheck Score.

Don’t waste your money by paying too much for a vehicle history report! Buy an AutoCheck vehicle history report today.

* In 2009, Pipal Research, an independent research organization, compared data in AutoCheck and Carfax vehicle history reports. The study employed a sampling approach designed to provide data across 23 vehicle brands and to reduce the introduction of bias attributable to data selection. Pipal Research’s data sample included vehicle history reports from AutoCheck and Carfax for more than 55,000 vehicles, including 5,685 vehicles with accidents. Pipal Research found that AutoCheck vehicle history reports in the study had more than twice the number of vehicles with accidents reported as compared to Carfax. The study also found that the AutoCheck vehicle history reports — as a group — had more than double the number of overall accidents reported as compared to the Carfax group of reports. Both findings are statistically significant, calculated at the 95% significance level.

** Prices compared on AutoCheck® and Carfax® websites on 6/3/10.