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What you don't know about the car you're about to buy could cost you dearly! Significant accident or weather damage in the past could cause you costly problems for years to come. Inaccurate or replaced odometers can hide the true wear and tear on the vehicle. And title problems could mean that the seller doesn't even the right to sell you the car!

Reports Check Records in These Important Areas

  • Title Check
    Salvaged, Rebuilt, Fire Damage, Damage
  • Problem Check
    Frame Damage, Lemon, Salvage Auction, Water Damage
  • Odometer Check
    Rolled Back, Broken, Exceeds Limits, Suspect Miles
  • Use & Event Check
    Accidents, Theft, Police / Taxi Use, Fleet Car


"I was minutes away from buying a Toyota that had recently been in an accident and received $6,500 in repairs. Thanks for helping me avoid that potential headache!" --Mike S. Atlanta, Georgia

"Thanks to your report, I discovered that my car's odometer wasn't the original one! I got the dealer to return $3,000 to me without much of an argument." --Len B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin