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  Where can I find the VIN?

"I was minutes away from buying a Toyota that had recently been in an accident and received $6,500 in repairs. Thanks for helping me avoid that potential headache!" --Mike S. Atlanta, Georgia

"Thanks to your report, I discovered that my car's odometer wasn't the original one! I got the dealer to return $3,000 to me without much of an argument." --Len B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Get Peace of Mind, Run a VIN Check

For most people, owning a car, even the used ones, can be a big deal. Well, it should be because owning a car is an investment. And since a car is a necessity to make daily living easier, you have to make sure that it has no problem as far as its physical condition is […]

Free VIN Check: What is it all about?

Have you ever wondered what are those Free VIN Check Promos being offered online? If you haven’t figured it out VIN means Vehicle Identification Number. It serves as the “fingerprint” of any car being manufactured. It is like a car has VIN numbers and people has SSS numbers. VIN numbers are unique serial numbers used […]

How to Check Used Car History Records using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Buying an old car is fine if buying a new one is out of the question especially when budget issue is brought up. Most used cars are fine as far as the person you’re buying the car from has maintained the car so well that only minor repair and maintenance are just needed for the […]