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  Where can I find the VIN?

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Free VIN Check: What is it all about?

Have you ever wondered what are those Free VIN Check Promos being offered online?
If you haven’t figured it out VIN means Vehicle Identification Number. It serves as the “fingerprint” of any car being manufactured. It is like a car has VIN numbers and people has SSS numbers.

VIN numbers are unique serial numbers used by the automotive industry to identify each motor vehicle. It is located on the car itself, in the front driver’s side dash or on the front driver’s side door post. Several countries are adopting the use of VIN number for vehicle history services to know if potential car owner gets a lemon or a “money-worth” vehicle.

So why are these Free VIN check abound the internet? What do they do? Since they are made and given individually to a vehicle, this type of check is a good idea in purchasing a vehicle. A VIN check can provide you important information about used vehicle such as the model, year and body type. It can also show accident reports and service change and importantly, it can even tell you the car’s previous owner, or if the car was stolen at any point.

However most online company offering free VIN check just scan a database of theft reports kept by the Nation Insurance Crime Bureau which was designed to help curb fraud and prevention of sale of stolen cars. Oftentimes the free check only list incidents reported to NICB, so if the car was not insured or covered by a company who does not participate then it will not show on the list. Free VIN check is sometimes used by some car report companies as a strategy to get you to buy a car report.

So do you need it? In general, get the step of getting this report only if you want to save some money and afford to pre-scan each and every car you are buying. Otherwise, it is better to stick to the more comprehensive vehicle history report.